I love belly laughs, obvious love, fresh air, crisp colors and down to earth people.
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I will be more than just your wedding photographer. I have never had a bride that I didn't connect with in a special way. We will share so many hugs and "I love you's", I have fixed busted bustles, repaired bouquets, wiped tears and saved the day in my bride's eyes. I have been shooting weddings for over 9 years and I still get butterflies before starting a wedding day! 

I promise to be more.

what makes me different

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We believe in heirlooms.

what makes us different

Wedding packages starting at $3000

Portrait sessions starting at $350

Before we do anything, we first have to see if your date is available in my calendar! Booking your wedding photographer out 2 years is not unheard of today. Never hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have! To add a little more sprinkles on the cupcake, every wedding package comes with a FREE engagement session! 

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"Abby, thank you for answering my endless questions, answering my every call and text, highlighting the moments that were meaningful to me, always listening to my needs, and going above and beyond to get a beautiful photo! You are absolutely amazing and I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for us to make our wedding something that we can cherish for a lifetime."

"Your time is so meaningful and I know you have spent a lot of it to make our day special."

Andy & Courtney

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"We are just blown away by your artistry & attention to detail."

Heather & John

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Loving Jesus, my peach pie and sweet tea, wearing yoga pants way too often and my amazing dance moves. 

what I'm known for:

I love the smell of lilacs, brewing tea, and fresh cut wood. My family means everything to me. If I'm not holding one of my kids, I am holding my husband's hand.

I'm a fun-lovin kind of girl who likes to get her groove on.

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